The StorageCraft Recover-Ability is a complete, end-toend disaster recovery and business continuity solution. That means it can answer every IT problem in a disaster recovery plan, from backup to management to replication to recovery. Each StorageCraft product plays a crucial piece in the overall solution, but everything begins with StorageCraft ShadowProtect. Once we’ve taken a solid, reliable backup image of the data on a machine, we can protect it from almost any disaster. Many businesses offer backup and recovery software, but the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution stands apart. For one thing, with StorageCraft you are able to back up everything in your IT environment, and then recover to any machine, regardless of manufacturer, model, or necessary drivers. You can recover from physical to virtual, vice versa, or any combination of the two. In addition, you can launch any ShadowProtect image as a virtual machine, either locally or in the cloud, allowing you get back up and running in minutes, regardless of the disaster. And on top of it all, the StorageCraft solution is known for its reliability. When other solutions are failing, StorageCraft just works.  

StorageCraft Shadow Control

Remotely manage and monitor your SPX or ShadowProtect backups.

StorageCraft Image Manager

Verify, consolidate, replicate SPX or ShadowProtect backups.

StorageCraft Cloud Services

Replicate SPX and ShadowProtect backups to our offsite data center.

StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery

Identify and protect only the data that’s important to the business.(with Backup Analyzer)

Features of the StorageCraft Recover-Ability Solution
  • Bare metal recovery to the same system, dissimilar hardware, or virtual environments (P2P, P2V, V2P, and V2V).
  • Complete system backup, including the operating system applications, configuration, services, personal settings, and data.
  • Simple migration to new Windows servers.
  • Simple file and folder recovery from a point-in-time backup image.
  • Granular recovery of individual files and folders (including Exchange files) in moments.
  • Fast and efficient point-in-time backup images that can be scheduled every 15 minutes with no downtime required.
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and other applications.
  • Backup images that can be saved to any disk device including USB, FireWire, Blu-Ray, NAS, SAN, or any network location.
  • Quick failover to a virtual server using StorageCraft® VirtualBoot™ technology.
  • Easy and automated testing of backup images and data integrity using StorageCraft® ImageReady™ technology.
  • Support for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, Citrix XenServer, RedHat KVM/RHEV, and other virtual environments for disaster recovery and system migration
  • Centralised backup administration from a management console using StorageCraft® ShadowControl® CMD™
  • Automatic consolidation of backup image files with StorageCraft ImageManager.
  • Verification and re-verification of backup images.
  • Conversion to .VHD or .VMDK.
  •  Easy replication to offsite locations.
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