Double Take Software partner in Dubai

Double Take Software partner in Dubai

Data backup is a process of duplicating data to allow retrieval of the duplicate set after a data loss event. Today, there are many kinds of data backup services that help enterprises and organizations ensure that data is secure and that critical information is not lost in a natural disaster, theft situation or other kind of emergency. Recovering data is a very difficult, time consuming and costly process, and it is not even guaranteed that you will be able to recover your data from a system malfunctions or data theft.

Double-Take High Availability (HA) solutions have been trusted by businesses for more than two decades to protect them from the costs and consequences of unplanned downtime and data loss. Available for both Windows and Linux, these solutions help keep businesses running in the face of ever-increasing cyber-threats, disasters, and technology failures. Together with Net desire technologies proven portfolio of cloud and hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions in Dubai. Double-Take will now address the data protection needs and uptime requirements of all midsized and small businesses.

Double-Take Software adds the following products

• Double-Take High Availability — Replication of applications and data, in real time, from physical, virtual and cloud servers

• Double-Take Disaster Recovery — Failover between a primary and secondary or cloud location in an emergency

• Double-Take Move — Scheduled move of systems from one location to another

• Double-Take Cloud Migration — Planned migration from MS Windows to Amazon, Azure or Google clouds

• Double-Take SQL Migration — Migrating and upgrading Microsoft (SQL Server)

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