Double Take Software partner in Ajman, Sharjah

Double Take Software partner in Ajman, Sharjah

Important contacts and contracts, client files, yearly taxes along with other sensitive documents, conclusive research and irreplaceable photographs are just some of the important data relegated to your small business computers. Having any of these items simply disappear would be a disaster. After all, losing important data can set your business back, while in severe cases, having this happen can even cause legal ramifications. So how do you avoid such crisis ?

The solution is Double Take Software. Double Take Software is ready to help you for your secure data. Ajman, Sharjah is one of the best partner of Double Take Software which is implemented by Net desire Technologies. Double-Take Availability offers high availability solutions like affordable data protection and immediate recovery. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of full-scale protection at an affordable price. Platform, storage and hardware independent – and bandwidth efficient, Double-Take allows businesses to use existing infrastructure and scale with whatever they choose to use in the future.

Strategic Advantages of Double-Take

• Complete protection for physical ,cloud and virtual servers

• One definitive ,unified solution suite with no add-ons necessary

• Total anything- to -anything workload mobility

• Empowers IT infrastructure evaluation

• High value affordable solution

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