CCTV Company in Dubai – UAE

CCTV Company in Dubai – UAE

CCTV Company in Dubai – UAE

Our CCTV installers in Dubai & other Emirates, offer a comprehensive expect service ranging from a single camera monitoring one point of entry through to a sophisticated package that monitors every access point (including at walls and fences) and even multiple locations and buildings. All of our CCTV systems can integrate with Access Control and Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems.


And if you need multi-site access control from a single central monitoring station controlling CCTV, gates, doors and barriers, we can link it all together.


Our CCTV contractors are able to access your current Perimeter Intruder Protection and advise on aspects such as anti-climb walls and fences and other impediments. We will also advise on Security Lighting either to compliment CCTV or as a standalone deterrent.

Net Desir’s Data & Office Cabling Installation Service

In our 6+ years of expertise, we have perfected a work process that ensures that all our clients get maximum performance with minimal investment.

Structured Cabling Services in UAE Need turnkey cabling services in Dubai or Sharjah or other UAE Emirates or do you just need a few items off the list? Whatever your choice and the size of the project, we can help you reach your computer cabling goals.

Access Control

Our access control system installations in Dubai, Sharjah, UAQ, Ajman, Abu Dhabi & other Emirates allow you to control who can enter your facility, or specific areas of your company’s building.

Access control systems are the most efficient way to prevent unauthorized access to your premises, which is important for the safety and security of your employees, as well as the security of your buildings, assets and systems. Access control will allow you to restrict certain employees from accessing sensitive areas. This also allows managing and monitoring your company’s employees access at all times. They can also be easily integrated with intruder alarms, CCTV and road barriers or gates, providing your business with a physical security barrier 24/7.
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