Barracuda partner in Abu Dhabi

Barracuda partner in Abu Dhabi

Organizations depend on getting business-critical information to the right people when they need it. Delivering this information gets increasingly challenging as applications span physical data centers, virtual data centers, and the cloud. Combining its own award-winning technology with powerful open source software, Barracuda Networks solutions deliver easy to use, comprehensive security, networking, and data protection products.

Barracuda Networks enables organizations to provide reliable, fast, and secure access to applications through an integrated product family spanning traffic management, access control, and security for today’s modern and dispersed application deployment architectures. Netdesire Technologies are bring this inventory of Barracuda Network products in Abu Dhabi.

Barracuda Networks understands the importance of your data and takes steps to secure and protect it while in our cloud. Our policies regarding data ownership and protection are focused on providing you with confidence that your data remains secure and under your sole control.

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