The company was formed in 2012 by industry leading experts, following over 15+ years’ experience in the IT sector, mainly working for large companies in an IT management capacity. We are based in Dubai, UAE’s fastest growing economy in Middle East Region. We offer IT Services and specialize in Data protection solutions and IT Infrastructure solutions.

As the business grows the amount of data grows and Data plays a major role for the development of any organization. 90% of data available today are created in the past 2 years. This shows the amount of data growth and importance in coming years is beyond our expectations, as Net Desire we provide service to organizations with best available technology in the market. We as technical expertise of IT have learnt the importance of data protection and this will cover different layers solution Endpoint Security, Network Security, DLP,Data backup and recovery.

Technology-driven and service led

Although we’re technology-driven we’re service led and service is the key value that underpins everything we do. We strive to deliver a world-class client experience and our customers are our number 1 priority.

Always improving

Honesty and professionalism is paramount to our client commitment. We realize that nobody is perfect and have lost a few customers along the way but gained many more. Most times it wasn’t our fault but we have learned from our mistakes.

However, we get it right most of the time and have grown our client base to over 500 with just over 25 members of staff. So, we’re a stable partner for you, and we’re always getting better.

It’s still all about you

We know that without you, there is no “us”. When you succeed, we succeed.



Delivering on the promise of technology is a key driver to Net Desire’s success in helping hundreds of growing companies gain real insight into their business processes. We believe in providing real value to our customers and making sure they have the right solution to meet their specific business goals. To earn and establish our client’s trust and become a valuable asset to their organization by providing quality technology and reliable IT services.

At Net Desire Technologies LLC, we deliver information securely by helping to design, build and support scalable networks

Our valued clients:

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